.Travel and accommodation

We at Ashoub Movies operate in a distinctively organized and time efficient manner from the day you send us your request till the day you safely arrive in Egypt for the actual production to take place. And since Ashoub Movies values time and avoids any unnecessary delays to occur in its pre-planned production schedule, it is allied with some of the best local travel agencies that never fail to ensure the availability of accommodation and air tickets at any time of the year; even during the busiest holiday seasons!

Our local travel agencies offer us a wide range of accommodation options- from budget lodging facilities to luxury hotels- any where in Egypt, as well as both local and international flight options on different airlines and at different costs. All you need to do is send us your request and estimated production date, and we will make sure to cater to your request by offering you accommodation and air tickets that best fit your time plan, as well as your given budget.


Visa Regulations: The possession of a passport valid for minimum two months (after your departure date from Egypt) is necessary for all nationalities visiting the country. Most visitors are allowed to obtain an entry Visa to Egypt at any local airports’ entry point, however, it is better to check prior your visit with your consulate for more details in relation to your nationality.