.Movie Editing

Throughout the production process Ashoub Movies utilizes its prolonged experience and extensive production knowledge to see through the transformation of a story board idea into an impressive audio/visual production. Consequently, we acknowledge the importance of the editing stage for the material that Ashoub Movies team works hard to produce during the production phase is professionally assembled (audio, video, animation and special effects) to formulate the final captivating product that is distributed to the audience.


Ashoub Movies guarantees to offer its Clients fully equipped Editing and Smoke machine rooms run by Egypt’s most talented and professional operators. Due to the remarkable experience and talent of our editing operators- award winners-, they fully comprehend the Client’s production vision and the final product desired and so, they assemble the material in a creative way that would not only best fit the initial production vision, but also reflect the director’s and DOP’s meticulous work during the production.