Ashoub Movies works with Egypt’s top stylists, make-up artists set and Art Directors in Egypt. Our skilled team studies your production vision and assigns each of the above to meet your needs meticulously. Our team is de-briefed on your production vision and so the stylist can provide you with our selection of wardrobe that best fits your vision- which covers a wide range of clothing and accessories that cater to your need.

We also offer you costumes that are designed in perfect details to reflect a certain period of time; Pharaonic, Nomadic, Roman, Medieval etc, as well as any image you have in mind. Our stylist then works in collaboration with our top of the line makeup artists to transform models looks to reflect the real feel you are aiming at. Moreover,


our Art Directors build 3D auto cads of the vision you have in mind prior the actual shoot, and Ashoub Movies share them with you before the actual building process of the set. So, whether you are searching for food stylists, skilled make-up artists, creative Art Directors or specific costumes, all you need to do is send us your detailed vision and we will revert with portfolios or references that meet your request.