Our unparalleled expertise and strong connections in the local Egyptian market allows us to cater to varied production needs and ensure to see them through regardless of Clients budgetary frames. “Value for Money” is our apparent strategy at Ashoub Movies for we make sure to offer the best possible production quality to meet the desired expectations- regardless of the project’s size- while constantly planning, organizing and operating on Client’s given budget.

At Ashoub Movies our Clients are our strategic partners whom together we transparently work and involve in every step of the way, until an actual and successful production takes place.All you need to do is send Ahoub Movies a production request, detailing the project’s size & nature, duration, desired locations, and crew/equipment expectations and our skilled team will carefully study your request and revert with the best possible scenarios within the specified budget.


Whether it is arranging for permits, renting out studios or carrying out the actual shoot in a desired location, Ashoub Movies team meticulously work around the clock to offer you what you desire within your given budget.We believe in the impact of breakthrough production ideas that were carried out on limited budgets, so we make sure to offer the best quality.and facilitations we can not only by treating a big production with a huge budget exactly like a small production with a limited budget, but by also offering cost effective solutions and production alternatives to meet our Client’s diversified needs. Up to date reporting, constant involvement and following up on the planning and budgeting is an integral part of our transparent strategy with the Client, so that we ensure that both

Ashoub Movies team and its partner are aligned on the same solid ground to see through the transformation of a basic idea into a breakthrough production regardless of the budget constraints.