At Ashoub Movies, we understand the importance of timings and mobility in correlation with a production’s overall success. Hence, we operate with a well organized transportation network (private cars, mobile vans, mini- buses etc) to ensure that the entire production crew, equipment, cast and client representatives get to and from the desired location safely and on time.

Whether the actual production will take place in an Egyptian city or town or at the outskirts of an isolated desert, Ashoub Movies ensures that transportation is arranged efficiently prior the actual shoot, sending out the production team and equipment ahead of time for the client to follow at camera roll once everything is arranged.


The production manager on set makes sure during the pre-production stage to account for the number of crew/cast and cliental, as well as the equipment needed for the shoot and arranges with the entire team- based on a detailed schedule- the exact timings for pickups and number of cars.

Ashoub Movies cares about the Client’s safety and comfort, hence, sends out well maintained and air conditioned cars/vans or buses depending on the shoot’s nature, making sure the constant availability of cars on location to allow any client/crew member to be mobile during the shoot for any emergency . We make sure to organize the transportation efficiently beforehand for the actual shoot to meet the agreed upon schedule.