Red tape in issuing permits and official paperwork to shoot in desired locations and allow film stock in & out of Egypt is a commonly troublesome and time consuming process -resulting in delaying the flow of any planned production- But since Ashoub Movies has been operating in the Egyptian market for many years- seeing through some of the biggest International productions- under the notion “time is money”...its proficient production team guarantees utilizing their strong connections with governmental authorities and key officials to speed up the issuance of any permits at minimum cost.

So, whether you want to shoot in Egypt with the Great Pyramids or ancient temples as your backdrop, or at a modern stadium with a lively crowd cheering . . . all you need to do is just send your request to Ashoub Movies and rest assured your production dream will be legally realized without any red tape hassles at minimum cost.


More importantly, Ashoub Movies’ reputable networking and credibility in the Egyptian production scene, allow it to speedily issue all necessary documents and permits for any desired production to happen as efficiently, yet more importantly as legal as possible. The latter ensures that your production will not be interrupted by police or official personnel, during the actual shoot minimizing delay, and maximizing productivity. Moreover, it guarantees that the film stock arrival and departure flows smoothly without any governmental intervention.

Governmental Authorities include; Cinema Professional Syndicate, The Egyptian Antiquities Authority, Ministry of Tourism/Culture/ Information/ Interior, National Security, Censorship etc