.Film Stock

Our main objective at Ashoub Movies is to thoroughly plan and smoothly facilitate the actual production process with all it entails by constantly offering you professional solutions and cost effective alternatives. We at Ashoub Movies understand the importance of protecting the film stock during the actual production and shoot. We also give you the freedom to choose whether to bring your own film stock to Egypt or purchase it locally and we support and guarantee its protection either way.

Ashoub Movies guarantees that you enter and depart from Egypt’s local airport with your film stock, by arranging -prior to your arrival and departure- for all the necessary paper work and permits within the governmental regulations for you to have a hassle free journey with your film stock.


However, if you choose to purchase the film stock locally, we provide you with International quality film stocks; 16 mm and 35 mm (Kodak and Fugi) at cost effective prices – that are discussed and agreed upon prior arrival- while also offering you to work on the film stock’s telecine with Egypt most professional operators. All you need to do is to include in your request whether you will bring along your film stock or desire to purchase it locally, specifying the number of stocks you'll need and Ashoub Movies skilled team will revert with the prices or essential preparations.