Since we at Ashoub Movies understand the significance of the pre-production stage with all it entails; from detailed preparation, thorough meetings and meticulous planning...we make sure to professionally offer you what it takes to create a solid foundation on which a successful production is built.Whether it is the production of a TV commercial, movie, documentary, still shoot or music video in Egypt, Ashoub Movies uses its expertise and strong contacts in both the local market, as well as the international one as an effective link to bridge between the creative board and its realization.

Its team are dedicated to perfection and so, they put in application their exceptional local knowledge and commitment to offer you premium pre-production results; in scouting locations, issuing permits, organizing arrangement for the cast, travel & accommodation, selecting the best fit crew & preparing all the necessary equipment. At Ashoub Movies we make sure to see through your creative concept until it transforms from an initial concept board to a grand production impressing a wide range of audience.

Spacious and well-equipped meeting rooms are available to host key personnel involved in the production; principle cast, producer, director and cinematographer in a friendly, yet professional atmosphere. Essential necessities such as; high definition LCD screens, top of the line sound systems, WIFI access, in addition to all necessary office supplies –fax, international calls, video conferencing, photocopying etc- is made available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to ensure the smooth flow of the pre-production meeting and preparation of a successful production.

All you need to do is send us your production request and leave the rest to Ashoub Movie’s enthusiastic team who will not only promptly utilize all the local contacts they have to meet your request, but also cater to your production budget offering you all necessary facilitations in Egypt.