Since Egypt has seen the face of many eras, racial and ethnical diversity is evident in its population’s features and colors. Consequently, casting for modeling, acting, extras or performing arts is done without difficulty, depending on your casting vision and placed request. Ashoub Movies is affiliated with some of the best and biggest casting agencies in Egypt, constantly offering fresh and professional faces by updating their database regularly to add quality, talent and essence to your production and efficiency through their professionalism to your work flow. Whether you searching for elderly or children, foreigners or local talents just send Ashoub Movies team a detailed request specifying the age bracket, race/ethnic group, nationality, gender and specified talent and we will hunt down those best fit for your production at best cost.


Consequently, Ashoub Movies team will prepare a casting tape that meets your production vision and detailed request, offering you sight and sound interviews with the models/actors or actresses for you to assess and select. In addition, Ashoub Movies team reverts with their recommendation list, and makes sure to prepare a casting list; principle cast and back- ups prior the shooting list to ensure professionalism and efficiency during the shoot. If you are searching for a specific talent such as; dancers, musicians, stunt performers, etc just name it and rest assured that Ashoub Movies will offer you the best local talents Egypt has to offer.