.Scouting Location

Egypt is one of the most unique geographical destinations in the world renowned for its matchless climate stability – in the Middle East & the Mediterranean region- as well as its unparalleled and diversified sites, making it an ideal production haven.

Whether you are aiming to shoot in its golden Sahara Desert or on its Red Sea’s sapphire shores or want to capture its lively authentic populated markets, impressive ancient temples or even grandness of its Great Pyramids, Ashoub Movies guarantees to meet your request by scouting the ideal location that best fits your production need/budget, while also using its expertise in taking into consideration shooting logistics; from crew and cast transportation, accommodation, location in relevance to civilization etc. The country has seen faces of many eras- besides its ancient civilization- hence; its cities have inherited diversified streets, architecture, and culture that cater to different production visions.


At Ashoub Movies, a specialized and skilled production team study your request and use their extensive knowledge about the country, strong connections and resources to scout the best suitable locations, reverting with premium - yet cost effective options-, while guaranteeing to facilitate all paperwork, crew & cast accommodation /transportation within Client’s given budget.

For decades, Egypt has been a regional force and recognized filmmaking/ production nucleus in Middle East, not only by radiating some of the finest film and music productions the Arab cinema has ever known, but also in impacting the region’s audience with grand productions that forcefully stood in quality comparison with the International filmmaking industry.